Touchshield protects your business 24/7.

Stop your surfaces from transmitting bacteria and viruses.

Even in hospitals bacteria and viruses can spread and it is recommended we clean surfaces every two hours to prevent transmission. Unfortunately the increased use of powerful cleaning products is damaging our health, so what can you do? 

Covid is crippling

Covid is crippling businesses

Since March 2020 Coronavirus has affected UK businesses in the following ways.

  • Increased cleaning resources 

  • Increased cleaning bills

  • Reduced revenue

  • Reduced customer confidence 

  • Adverse health conditions from intense and frequent use of cleaning products

How to protect

How to protect yourself

After speaking with business owners we know you need the following to continue operating safely and profitably.

  • A way to maintain high hygiene standards without doubling your cleaning bill

  • A long term cleaning solution that doesn’t mean hiring more staff

  • A failsafe cleaning method that doesn’t rely on your staff to “do the right thing”

  • A way to keep your premises clean that doesn’t pose a health risk to your employees

  • A way to improve customer confidence in your business

  • A way to communicate your reputation as a clean and safe business

Introducing Touchshield

Protect your business today without buying more cleaning products, hiring more cleaning staff or damaging your health.

UK-manufactured Touchshield is a self-adhesive, clear antimicrobial film that can be applied to any surface proven to kill bacteria and viruses 24/7 hours, 365 days a year.

Stops viruses_

Stops viruses

Silver-ion technology stops transmission of 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses and has been independently verified through international ISO standards1 so you know it works (ISO22196 and ISO21702).

Reduces cleaning costs

Reduces cleaning costs

Provides powerful and proven cleaning for your business at a fraction of the cost of traditional deep cleaning methods. On average it costs just £1,5002 to protect an average size business with Touchshield.

Stays active-2

Stays active 24/7

Surfaces have to been cleaned every 2 hours to keep them safe3. Touchshield destroys bacteria and viruses 24/7 and doesn’t rely on humans who cost money, take time and forget. Also, Touchshield doesn’t degrade over time.

Safe to use

Safe to use

Research has shown increased use of powerful, heavy-duty chemicals poses a health to humans4. Touchshield is completely safe to use with no harmful detergents, odours or dangerous chemicals.

Increases confidence

Increases confidence

Win customer confidence back with the subtle yet powerful watermark that shows your customers your surfaces are safe. No more bright warning signs that frighten customers away and destroy your atmosphere.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Touchshield can easily be applied and removed to any surface with no lasting residue. You just need to peel and stick the self adhesive film and once applied it protects the surface underneath from damage.

Powerful features

Powerful features

  • Proven anti-microbial technology that doesn’t degrade over time

  • Available in rolls or sheets for easy application. PVC-free polyester in gloss (CPET75) or hard wearing PVC in matte (WPVC70)

  • Available as clear or watermarked film

  • Sticks to any surface but can be easily removed without residue - just peel and stick!

  • Certified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as safe and effective under regulation EU 528 / 2012

  • Independently ISO verified (ISO22196 / ISO21702)

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Designed by leading film manufacturer with 30+ years experience

Touchshield keeps your business profitable

With Touchshield you can operate profitably while also protecting your staff and customers. 

  • Keeps surfaces free from bacteria and viruses without expensive detergents

  • Saves hours in cleaning time so your staff can focus on running the business

  • Can be installed yourself with no expensive installation or specialist equipment needed

  • No expensive refits – only replace the film if it becomes damaged or peels off.

Touchshield Keeps

Product specifications

Choose from eco-friendly polyester or flexible PVC

Eco-friendly polyester

Eco-friendly Polyester

  • Tough clear Polyester film made for flat surfaces that are handled often like tables and tills
  • High optical clarity making it deal for touchscreens 
  • High gloss finish 
  • Available without watermark
  • Super hard wearing - made for frequent handling
  • Environmentally-friendly (PVC-free)
  • Available in 25m x 1270mm wide rolls
  • High quality aqueous acrylic adhesive

Flexible PVC

Flexible PVC

  • Versatile PVC film can be applied to flat or curved surfaces
  • Flexible material makes it ideal for curved surfaces like handles and rails  
  • Soft matte finish with premium feel
  • Available without watermark
  • Available in 25m length rolls and 75mm, 315mm, 1270mm, and custom widths
  • Available in A3 or A4 sheets
  • High quality aqueous acrylic adhesive

Touchshield is a clear film. Orange colour is for illustrative purposes only.

Where to use Touchshield

Protect any touchpoint in your workplace that could carry bacteria or viruses 






Hand rails







Touchshield is a clear film. Orange colour is for illustrative purposes only.

cut to size quote image 487x364-1

Save money by just buying the film you need

  • Available for Polyester or PVC
  • Choose from 75mm to 1270mm wide

  • Choose any length up to 25m

  • We’ll label up each piece of cut film so you know where it goes

  • All you have to do is peel and stick!

The Black Horse Pub

“I couldn’t believe this kind of product existed. Not only does it work, it looks good too. Touchshield™ takes care of itself and it still feels like my pub”

– Jen Bernstein, Proprietor, The Black Horse, Findon

Touchshield is also tried and tested by international public bodies, travel hubs, organisations, institutions and governments around the World.

Affordable, long-term protection

On average it costs just £1,500 to fully implement Touchshield in an average size business.
Or just implement selected areas as shown below.

Price Infographic (Express Prices)_Landscape